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With our customizable learning solutions, we’ll work with you to create the right "anytime, anywhere" program for your district.

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1-on-1 tutoring session

Teacher Assigned

Teacher-Assigned Tutoringempowers educators who know students best to schedule face-to-face, personalized support from tutors. Teachers get an extra set of hands focused on reinforcing what happens in the classroom, with a targeted focus on the specific needs of an individual student.

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High Dosage

Research overwhelmingly shows high-dosage tutoring to be the most effective intervention to address unfinished learning. With Varsity Tutors for Schools, your district gets seamless access to 1-on-1 private tutoring and small group tutoring (up to 5 students). Students meet face-to-face with tutors through our Live Learning Platform, where they can use interactive tools and collaborative workspaces for a truly engaging online experience.

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On Demand

Give every student access to personalized learning support when and where they need it. With VT On Demand, students receive 24/7 unlimited, real-time support from highly qualified tutors, proven standards-based self-study resources, and always-on enrichment–at an annual fixed per student cost.

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Unlimited Summer Learning

Combat the summer slide with a fun twist by bringing together the best of both academic and enrichment. To help districts deliver a robustsummer learning experiencefor every K-8 student, Unlimited Summer Learning offers an all-access online pass fwith live and on-demand classes and camps. Take learning to the next level with our Advanced Summer program which includes a personalized tutoring program for your students.