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So You Want To Be A Meteorologist?

Dr. Reed Timmer

Meteorologist, TV Host, Storm Chaser

About Dr. Reed

The host of the hit show Storm Chasers for four seasons, Dr. Reed Timmer has been chasing tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and wildfires his entire life. His fascination with extreme weather led him to earn a PhD in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, naturally situated in the heart of Tornado Alley. For decades he’s been roaming the country in a series of custom storm-chasing vehicles named “Dominator,” educating the world on weather safety and the causes of some of nature’s most powerful weather events.

About the class

Whether you dream of chasing tornadoes in your car or predicting precipitation from a TV studio, there are many careers in the world of weather. What (and where) do you need to study to get on that career path? What do those jobs really entail, and how do they compare to expectations? And what are the qualities most common in those who love their weather jobs? Find out in this live, interactive session with storm chaser Reed Timmer. Reed has a PhD in meteorology and has worked as a TV weather reporter, an independent storm chaser, and a meteorological researcher. And in this session, he’ll help you forecast your career in weather, from the ground floor to the stratosphere.

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