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The Chemistry of Color

Phil Cook

TikTok's "Favorite Chemistry Teacher" and Scientist

About Phil

Recently dubbed “TikTok’s Favorite Chemistry Teacher,” Phil Cook has been enthusiastically teaching chemistry for over two decades. Through unique and interactive experiments, he engages with learners all over the world–reigniting a love of science in some and introducing the world of chemistry to others.

About the class

Students will create their own color-changing dye and examine the colorful concepts of absorption, fluorescence, and emission in this energy-packed virtual lab event. Join Phil Cook and his arsenal of bunsen burners, lasers, and kid-friendly hands-on experiments in an interactive exploration of the chemistry that creates color. Students will learn why we see the colors we do, why objects change colors under certain conditions, and how to get colors to behave the way we want them to, all in a delightful, colorful, hands-on way.

To create the color-changing dye, students will want to have the following supplies nearby:

•A few pieces of colorful fruit (strawberries, blueberries, etc.).

•Lemon juice.

•(Optional) ammonia-based cleaning solution or baking soda.


•A paintbrush.


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