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Black History Basics: Life in Africa & the Beginnings of Slavery

Nareissa Smith, Esq.

Law Professor, Author, Justice Seeker

About Nareissa Smith, Esq.

Nareissa Smith is a law professor-turned-journalist who teaches and writes about racial and gender justice issues. She is a graduate of Spelman College and Howard University School of Law. She is the creator and teacher of the popular Black History Basics class series in the Varsity Tutors Social Conscience Series and regularly teaches classes on the topics of culture, history, diversity, and law.

About the class

往往,非裔美国人历史的研究begin with slavery. However, Africans not only existed before the slave trade, but they also created vibrant, fascinating cultures in this time period. In this lesson, students will explore these African civilizations and their extraordinary contributions to global trade, technology, and culture. Then students will examine the beginnings of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the arrival of Africans in the Americas.

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