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Virtual Lung Dissection

Presented by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

with your expert instructor, Robyn

About Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers a suite of exciting virtual programs to make STEAM learning accessible, meaningful, and fun. Virtual Science Academy experiences bring science to life through live, two-way interactive broadcasts that engage students in experiential activities as they experiment and make discoveries about science and nature. Along the way, they practice science concepts and develop lifelong critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. More information is available at dmns.org/virtual.

About the class

Get ready for a breathtaking exploration of the human lung and respiratory system in this online lung dissection. Experts from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science will take you inside the lung and guide you through powerful pulmonary experiments and discussions as you examine the system that allows you to breathe, talk, smell, and much more. Excited yet? Take a deep breath, hit the register now button, and download the program materials so you’re ready to participate in this exhilarating exploration of the lungs:https://www.dmns.org/media/2330/virtual-lung-6-8-student-journal.pdf

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