Powerful assessment tools for teachers, tutors, and students

Varsity Learning Tools provides highly effective technology and content for educators to assess the progress of their students.

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Technology to make your job a little easier

As an educator, you understand the importance of academic success and you work hard to ensure your students achieve it. Varsity Learning Tools is here to help you manage that process with a user-friendly system to give assignments and evaluate both individual and group progress.

Create practice tests and flashcards to help your students study

Design customized tests to share with your various classes. Author original questions, choose from the wide library of existing content we’ve already created, or do a combination of both! You have the freedom to select the answer choices, provide the explanations, and incorporate images, passages, and instructions.

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Monitor the progress of your class and individual students

Detailed data provides you with strong insight into how well your students are performing and where they are strongest vs. weakest. Keep track of their progress in your classroom with our highly comprehensive graphics that display how your students’ results are changing over time.

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Invite groups of students to your test with a few clicks

Create and organize your student contacts into groups by their classes. We make it easy for you to assign different tests to your 1st period class than you did for your 2nd period one. Once a student has accepted the emailed invitation, you are able to view and monitor their progress over time.

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